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    ———– Welcome to Kimatox 

    Driven by purpose

    At Kimatox, we are a multinational biopharmaceutical firm driven by the conviction that people worldwide should have access to affordable, high-quality medications.
    Our dedicated team combines expertise with cutting-edge technology to shape a healthier future.
    Committed to excellence, we collaborate and adhere to cGMP regulations for safe and effective treatments.

    Our Products

    Kimatox is dedicated to meeting unmet patient needs in the global biopharmaceutical landscape. Through our portfolio of differentiated and high-quality biotherapeutics, we strive to provide affordable access to advanced therapies for patients.

    Additionally, we aim to increase accessibility to antivenoms and beauty products, ensuring a larger number of individuals can benefit from these essential products.


      Expertise in GMP compliance

    Top Technology  to Produce Best Quality

    A complete and standard evaluation system is used to monitor quality. In this system, precise and continuous controls are carried out at all stages from the arrival of raw materials to the final product in the quality control laboratories and quality assurance unit of the company. All processes are designed and implemented according to GMP standards and WHO rules.